Case Study: Stop Running Your Agency in the Dark

In this case study we break down the tools we used to bring this Manhattan Insurance Brokerage into the light. 


We recognized that the key to sales conversions was to be able to identify who was visiting their site and what they were looking for. Their team found website leads (and sales) were being lost and they called on NYB Creative to help them implement SharpSpring, the all-in-one Marketing Automation and CRM solution to streamline processes and get sales humming. 

You'll find all of these tools discussed inside.

  • Analytics & Email Tracking
  • Forms & Landing Pages
  • Custom Sales Pipeline
  • Email Templates & Standardized Copy
  • Automations
  • Sales Training


What their team had to say

“[NYB] has greatly improved my ability to close sales by giving me quick access to leads while in the office and on the go and by eliminating clutter from my new business process. Finally, I can see down to the penny what is still open and what I have sold, which is a tremendous motivator.”  – HCP Agent Natale
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